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Liah Kaminer, M.A.

Liah Kaminer, M.A. 

Founder | Therapist

Thank you for joining me and welcome to Patchwork. 

As a practicing therapist with an MA in Psychology, working in hospitals and clinics has taught me the highs and lows of the healthcare field.

Working 8 hour+ shifts and covering for colleagues on the weekend is typical of this field and leads even the most dedicated and conscientious to burnout.

I believe we need to take better care of ourselves. Being a giver is a beautiful trait, but too often we put ourselves last on the list. That is, if we even make it on in the first place!

Putting yourself first starts with small actions to make your day more enjoyable. 

When you put your mask on each shift, are you just getting by or making it a pleasurable experience? I created Patchwork to help you achieve the latter. Unlock the therapeutic potential in every day actions and see where it takes you.

Why patches?

Our patches were made as an effective solution to multiple problems.

With over 18 million employees, healthcare is the fastest growing sector in the US. Masks are still required or commonly used in hospitals, dental offices, and inpatient clinics around the country. Many individuals also choose to wear masks out of the house.

Typical surgical and cloth masks can be annoying and uncomfortable to wear. Smell is a powerful sense that impacts us throughout the day. Why suffer through mask wearing when you could look forward it with a relaxing fragrance? 

Our 100% essential oil-based patches offer spa-like aromatherapy for work and travel. Patches are discreet for public settings and help to make mask-wearing an enjoyable experience without compromising the mask's integrity. They also help cover foul odors and improve the healthcare experience. Start with Patchwork's scent solution patches and see where they take you.

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