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PowerStrips™ by FGXpress is the only product of it's kind to be listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. The product is designed for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

Wall Street Journal FDA Press Release: Click Here

As a listed “Class 1 Medical Device” this provides proof to the World that PowerStrips™ are unique and can really help relieve people who are in pain. This is unlike any other product available on the market.

Pain relief is by far the most noticeable benefit you will experience when using PowerStrips™ but there are other benefits stemming from the use of key ingredients found on the back of each PowerStrip. Such as Korean Red Ginseng, Marine phytoplankton, Organic Germanium and Silver that each have their own beneficial properties. This powerful combination allows PowerStrips to work for 48 hours non-stop.

A couple of weeks ago i injured my lower back. It was an old injury and every now and then it flares up. After extensive traveling and a lot of pain, i was presented with a Powerstrip. I put it on in the area of discomfort and the pain literally started subsiding. Anyone who has lower back pain knows how extreme that can be. To be relieved of that is pain is truly amazing!
- Marilyn S.

I received the Powerstrips recently and placed one on my elbow where i had developed severe tendonitis about 2 months ago. In less than an hour i experienced a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility of my arm. I have been wearing the strips continually with no pain or issues and have been amazed at how miraculous the results have been for me.
- Kevin O.

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